How Publishers Can Register Their Site At AdFluke Network

To fully utilize the AdFluke network, you are required to have either a blog or a website. Also make sure you have a working email address so that we can update you on any changes that would take place in the site.

First visit our page to access your dashboard.

You will then be redirected to your dashboard panel if you already have registered and logged in. If not you will have to sign up for a new account.

You will be required to input your username, email address and password. After accepting you will be prompted to log in to your dashboard.

Once you are on the dashboard panel, the first thing to do is to register your site for approval. So click on sites >> Add site. A popup window will show and you will be required to add site name, site theme, and ads which you would like to show on your site.

There is an option of choosing to link your traffic source. This would give you a higher chance for your blog to be accepted easily. After confirming click save.

You will then have to wait for your site to be approved by the administrators before starting adding banners on your site. Site approval take between 1 to 5 days.

How Publishers Can Add AdFluke Banner At Their Site

If your site has been accepted to publish ads by AdFluke, you can immediately start monetizing your site by adding a banner.

Visit your AdFluke dashboard on Once on dashboard, click on Sites. You will see your accepted site. Then on the right side you will click on Ad unit tab. You will be redirected to a new page where you will then have to click on Add ad unit tab. You will have the option to either choose Banner Ad, Text Ad, or Mobile Ad.

Depending on your prefference you can choose any of the three but for this tutorial we will choose the Banner Ad.

A popup window will show up and you will be prompted to add Ad unit name, banner size, and minimum cpc and cpv. Make sure you choose wisely since using higher values will mean less or no ads will be shown on your blog. The optimum value is 0.01 for cost per click and 0.15 for 1000 views. The site will automatically bid for you depending on the best ads.

If you have any third party code you can place it on the Translate stub code in order to have 100% fill rate.

Click save.

Once the banner is saved, you can copy paste the banner code and paste in anywhere on your site widgets

Is my site a or

When registering a new site on AdFluke network, you will be warned that the system recognises www site and non www site as two different site. This is because if you mistakenly choose to add a www prefix on your site and yet its not, then the AdFluke network would not show any ads on your site.

It is important to make sure your site chooses the right prefix. If you do not know if your site has either of the two then you need to do the following.

First open your browser.

Input your site url address and load.

Once on home page, click the url bar and try to edit your site url link.

Hover to the start of your url that is http:// or https://

Now you will see how your url address strats. It will either be or

Use the url address to register at AdFluke Network

Minimum Payout For AdFluke Publishers

The minimum payout for publishers is $50. For now payment will be channeled to your Paypal account. So you need to have a Paypal account in order to receive your payments.

How To Advertise on AdFluke Network

Anyone is capable of advertising on AdFluke network. In order for you to qualify for advertisement you are required to have a banner or a link to your site. If you do not have a banner, you can utilize the text-graphic ad which is highly effective in advertisement.

Currently AdFluke supports two banner sizes that is the 300*250 and 728*90. These two are the standardized banner sizes on the market.

To advertise, you must first login to your AdFluke account. If you have not yet registered, visit this link to register.

AdFluke is the most dynamic system, that is one account can allow you to both publish and advertise at the same time.

Once you have registered and logged in, at the dashboard on the top right corner, you will either choose the option for a publisher of an advertiser. For this tutorial we will use the advertiser mode.

Once you choose advertiser mode, the dashboard will transform to an advertiser dashboard panel where you will have different tabs from that of a publisher.

For your ad campaign to run, you will first have to add funds to your account. The minimum fund is $10. On the dashboard, go to payments, add balance then choose the amount you wish to top up then proceed to Paypal. Make sure your Paypal already has funds.

After confirming, you will be redirected to your advertiser dashboard ready to start your first campaign.

On the dashboard, click on Campaigns then add Campaign. A popup screen will require you to choose a name of the campaign, campaign type whether a text-graphic or a banner. Then choose the theme of the campaign, also choose the running dates of the campaigns.

There is also another option of choosing your target niche according to site topic, geo locations, device, platform and device.

Also you can choose to blacklist sites that you would not want to show your ads.

Once you have set up your campaign, you can save it.

The saved campaign would require a banner. So on the save campaign, you will need to click the add banner tag. You will be redirected to a new page where you will click on add new banner. Upload your banner (make sure its either 300*250 or 728*90 otherwise the system will not accept it).

Then add the name or the banner, the url link the banner will lead people to and lasty the payment type. You can either choose Pay Per Click or Pay Per 1000 views. Minimum for either of them is $0.01 or $0.15 respectively. The higher prices you choose the more they will be visible to a wider audience.

After confirming click save.

Your ad will start running immediately when it has been approved by the administrator.